Association for District Heating
of the Czech Republic

Association for the District Heating of the Czech Republic (ADH CR) is an interest group of legal entities, entrepreneurs in the field of heat supply. The Association was established in 1991 with the purpose to promote in the Czech Republic the development of district heating (DH) systems and combined heat and power generation (CHP) as a highly effective and environment friendly method of primary fuels energy utilisation and to establish suitable conditions for this business.


Combined heat & electricity and district heating are very important parts of the energy sector of the national economy. As a business field it can contribute to the thermal comfort and customers´ satisfaction including the heat supply of industry and commercial and service sectors. It can help to save energy and primary fuels, effect the economy and environment and at last but not the latest offer employment for several thousands of people in the Czech Republic.

The mission of the Association is to protect the interests of its members and to promote development of district heating systems and combined heat and power generation.

The Association ensures this mission above all by providing professional services to its members, further by directly affecting the state management bodies and institutions linked to district heating, professionals and general public and especially the consumers of the provided services and supplied energy.

The Association elaborates statements and recommendations resulting from high knowledge and experiences shared among member companies and professionals. Statements and recommendations integrating interests of participants district heating producers, distributors and customers, general public and the state are promoted and submitted to consideration of government, regional governments, politicians and professional institutions. The Association endeavours to have the district heating systems generally accepted as a part of style of living, which ensures its customers high comfort for a reasonable price, while maintaining equilibrium with the environment. The Association aims to ensure for district heating adequate conditions for its full utilisation in the Czech power engineering.


The internal life of the Association is organized according to the Statute of ADH CR and other valid documents. The main bodies of the Association are the General Assembly meeting, Executive Board and Inspection bodies. The highest authority of the Association is the General Assembly meeting.

In the meantime between General Assembly meetings the Executive Board is authorised to direct the Association’s activities. The Board members are elected represents of heat producers, distributors, technology manufacturers, design-projects organisations and representatives of schools. The Inspection body has 3 members and executes the control of the economy results of the Association during the time period of the year.
The Executive body, located in Pardubice, realizes all the activities of the Association.

Membership structure

  • Heat producers – organizations, which produce heat and realise their supply from the plant through the heat networks to the intended destination according to the contract.
  • Heat distributors – organizations, which buy heat at the plant threshold or from the operators of the heat network according to the contract and which deliver to third parties.
  • Other members – organizations, which within the framework of their activity also realise production, delivery and installation of technologies for DH or provide designing works of DH systems.
  • Schools – universities or high schools with activities linked to the Association field of interests
  • International members – legal persons registered abroad


 Activities of the Association result in the Association’s mission that includes 5 basic fields of activities: Co-operation with state bodies, Public Relation, International co-operation, professional and educational activities and information system.

Each field of activity is specialised in the Plan of activities for the appropriate year and the plans are fulfilled by the Executive body and by the work in professional committees of the Association. At present these professional committees operate under the Association:

  • Professional committee for ecology
  • Professional committee for legislation
  • Professional committee for marketing of CHP and District heating and Cooling
  • Professional committee for technology

Outside of the activity framework the Science-technical Board works consisted of highly renowned professionals, who contributes to creation of strategic and legislative proposals.

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